Saturday, November 21, 2015

My scanner won't fit the whole piece.

This was done at the end of the summer of this year, 8/15. It was a joke of sorts. To take the Indiana Jones concept and replace it with Tennessee Williams. Really the whole thing "wrote" itself. There seems something inherently action/mystery like for his play titles: Night of the Iguana, A Street Car Named Desire,Orpheus Descending. That may not be a coincidence, as mentioned the idea just creates itself. I would prefer to capture the pulp style and palette a little better (leastwise the way I imagine it). That would come with time and energy as would most of the solutions I ask for in this blog. Clearly the lettering leaves a lot to be desired. I did go out and get some stencils after painting this. I am not sure if that is the answer to that issue but it is worth the investigation. Additionally this seems like one of the times the digital media would be able to bring this closer to capturing an actual book cover but that isn't where I am at. Comments? RGC

Friday, November 20, 2015

Monday, October 12, 2015

Dos Mas

I Wonder if I am more of a painter than an illustrator. I say this because drawings, like most of the ones recently posted, all seem incomplete to me. I like and respect drawing and appreciate good line work but it often seems too little.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

I am a day behind

I wonder if I will come back to these and add to them.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Two more

I am really just busting these out and not putting much time or work into them. That is fine but eventually I will have to sink my teeth into something.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

5 months and 15 in 15

It looks like it has been five months since I last posted. I am currently "challenged" to doing 15 portraits in 15 days. This is not much of a problem for me as I do a lot of portrait work when I am doing work. I could set some perimeters that would make it more challenging for myself specifically but I am just letting the work happen as it does. I think right now doing work is the most valuable thing I could in in regards to doing something towards progress.
I forget what day we are on but here are the pieces that I have done to date.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Mice and Men

I often have ideas and intentions of blogging here. At least of late I clearly do not. Though I include a picture today I am going to write about a different idea (than what the picture alludes to or indicates). Firstly the picture. There is the precolored version of the in the previous post. Like I said this picture has no direct connection to what I wanted to say.
As I have enjoyed more directed posts, or perhaps posts with more text such as this, I had an inkling to do something similar. The working title would be "why did I take this picture?". As you may or may not know I take pictures (or have taken) of things I think would translate into a reasonable painting. Some thing with some point of interest. To be clear I mean pictures I have taken to use as a model or a reference as opposed to pictures I have taken from the internet (or a magazine or a postcard or a book) to use as a model or as reference. Often as I go through these picture, usually looking for something else, I sometimes stop and wonder what it was I was trying to capture in that photo. With that in mind I thought a series of posts could be done to compare such a photo with a sketch of the piece or idea it was meant to capture. It is often the case that the "punctum" I saw with my eye is not there in the photo but perhaps the intention is clear enough that it would translte into a drawing. I promise nothing at this time but I can hope to get this rolling and get a few posts up before I get distracted from posting at all. Ciao RGC

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Just passing through

I am posting today, not because I want to or feel I should, though I do, but because I should be doing something else all together. Anyhow, I have been feeling the itch to draw, or at least doodle. When I say draw I mean any form of illustration but drawing is usually my MO. When I scanned in these pics I had a whole spiel on the difference in drawing when I am drawing often and when I am not. I think also that I had some thoughts on how some of the rougher sketches or layouts strike me as better than any intentful work. I am not sure why this is exactly but it seems to be a regular thing. I should say that everything I post picturewise isn't entirely in these catagories but they to varying degrees tend to be works not from reference but more free form ideas or something I have a sense of enough to not need anything to look at(mostly).
A lot of these are characters. I was looking for something and happened to see a post from about one year ago if you are curious.

Friday, February 20, 2015

I Have Been Busy

Despite any promises previously made I have been too busy to do any work let alone post about it. I have been thinking about it off and on but not truely intending to act. I expect something will happen eventually if not soon. F
or now some critters from over the years.
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